The Lifelong Pursuit of Good Health

Founded in Vancouver, B.C., Canada,  ​Justgo Smoothie is an expression of the lifelong pursuit of good health and sustainable diet. 

Justgo Smoothie is a family owned and operated business. It’s become our passion and we want to share our creations and help to educate and nourish consumers with micronutrients and macronutrients.  Prolific fast foods, processed meals and harmful additives are rising to a climax in modern dietary culture, it’s never been harder and more time-consuming to merge busy lifestyle with a healthy and balanced diet. Whether you’re trying to provide essential meals for your family or just trying to take care of yourself, eating healthy and staying productive has become an intricate balance that less and less people are finding the time to manage.

At Justgo Smoothie, we love making healthy and all-natural smoothies so you can achieve balanced nutrition all while having time for work, family, fitness and life goals. Our formula of carefully-selected ingredients, essential vitamins and rich nutrients allows you to energize and fulfill your body’s nutritional needs without a second thought. It’s the element of convenience that makes Justgo Smoothies so vital to our fast-paced world — and we’re here to deliver on quality, sustainability, and value with every product.

Justgo Smoothie’s​ values align with those of wellness-minded and concerned people all over the world. Just like you, we’re fed up with all the unhealthy practices so commonly-accepted everywhere. From toxic foods and avoidable illness to environmental destruction in every process of production — we see a large part of modern society as wholly-unsustainable, and we strive to shift the paradigm to something that’s better for everyone and everything.

We are currently seeking partnerships with sustainable organizations as we find new ways to become fully-biodegradable in the very near future.

Contact us​ for more information on Justgo Smoothie and learn how our products can help you achieve a more balanced and healthier lifestyle today.


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